10+ years of building software ensure your product is built on rock-solid engineering principals and made with experiential insight to ensure your product is easily maintainable into the future.

 Strong Typing and Unbreakable APIs are our Secret Sauce

Strong Typing and Unbreakable APIs are our Secret Sauce🍝

At Full Stack Craft, languages like TypeScript and C# are our weapons of choice. These strongly typed languages ensure error-free execution even in the most complex of data flows and manipulation. From time to time we will utilize scripting languages Python and Perl, but they are used only in conjunction with a robust API. In summary our favorite stack, from frontend to backend, includes:

  • React with TypeScript (Frontend Components)
  • SASS or LESS (Frontend Styling)
  • Nginx (Load balancing and proxy server layer)
  • Node with TypeScript or .NET Core (Server)
  • Linux (Server operating system)
  • PostgreSQL (Database)
We Can Make Mobile and Desktop Apps Too!

We Can Make Mobile and Desktop Apps Too!

We are experienced in the app space. See our portfolio for apps we've created in the past. We can:

  • Create mobile apps with React Native and Typescript
  • Create desktop apps with Electron and Typescript
  • Launch your app on both Apple Store and Google Play

Websites Are a Part of Our Toolbelt

E-shops, blogs, portfolios, business sites, product sites? We've seen and done it all.

  • We know a variety of frameworks including Gatsby, Magento, Shopify, and SAPUI5
  • We can serve your site with lightning fast speeds with a variety of server options
  • Need a realtime API with a websocket or a traditional REST API? We can do that too!

Automate that Manual Complexity Away!

A small team from the beginning, Full Stack Craft is in the habit of automating all builds, tests, and deploys of many software stacks.

  • We're experienced in a variety of CI/CD tools including Bitbucket Pipelines, Circle CI, and GitHub Actions
  • Need telemetry, logging, slack messaging, an exception database, or general app health monitoring? We'll take care of it.
  • Want to know how your customers are using your product? We can help you with that too!
  • Unit and integration tests with Jest, end-to-end web tests with Cypress, end-to-end mobile tests with Detox? We've got you covered.




I'm Chris, owner and lead engineer at Full Stack Craft. Get in touch with me at hi@fullstackcraft.com and we can schedule a meeting or call.